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What is Cashmax?

CashMax is a leading retailer of financial services, including short-term Title loans (Title Pawns), Cash-For-Your-Gold, and Notary Public services in North Atlanta and Gwinnett county. CashMax focuses on serving consumers who seek an alternative to traditional banking relationships to gain convenient and immediate access to financial services. It is our goal to provide you with the best service in the industry. We try to say YES! CashMax is here to help! Call us today to find out how we can help you. Gwinnett area 770-806-0300.

What services does Cashmax offer?

Customers come to CashMax for Title Loans, To get cash-for-your-Gold, , Notary, CashMax “Your Cash Solution” allows customers a simpler, safer, smarter way to get cash. CashMax also offers faxing and copying services. Remember, we give Cash–4–Gold! 770-806-0300

Because CashMax offers financial services, are its activities regulated??

CashMax is licensed to offer retail financial services depending on the requirements of the individual states in which it operates. Licenses are posted in each CashMax location. We can provide you with each state’s licensing contact information upon request. CashMax strictly adheres to the guidelines and requirements set by each state. CashMax works with state law makers to support responsible legislation.

Why do people choose a Title Loan to borrow money f or a short period of time?

Surveys show that while most people typically do a good job of managing their household budgets, most of us need occasional help. An increasing number of consumers choose a Title Loan to cover unexpected expenses or to bridge a short-term cash shortage between paydays. A Title loan is a short-term loan that provides a sensible alternative to bounced checks, late payment charges or a tarnished credit rating.

How often do people typically borrow money?

A Title Loan is a short-term Pawn to cover an occasional, unexpected cash shortage between paydays. A Title Loan does not provide the kind of help intended if used repeatedly to the point of incurring additional debt. We recommend that you investigate other financing options if you are planning on borrowing money for an extended period of time..

How does CashMax determine how much I can borrow?

It is based on of course the condition of the vehicle (make, mileage, condition, Etc..) & the customer’s ability to pay the funds back ( Your Income).

Does CashMax vary the loan fee based on my credit rating?

No. CashMax does not do any kind of credit or background checks at all.
Cash when you need it!

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  • “ I needed Cash and I needed it Fast, a friend told me about CashMax, so I called them up. They Helped me fast, got me the Cash I needed very Fast, and also talked fast. They are the friendliest place I’ve ever borrowed money from! I will defiantly use them again & highly recommend them!”
    Debra McKinney
  • I went in this afternoon to sell a couple of old pieces of Gold I found in my jewelry box, had I known it would be this easy I would have done it years ago. They are friendly and fast. They test and weigh the gold right in front of you which makes me feel like they aren't out to rip me off....they even explained the process and why he was doing what he was doing. I would definitely recommend CashMax
    Cash for gold
    loyal client
  • “Awesome!  Such friendly service and a great value for my stuff. Go and see Bob or Tad. They were very thorough, honest and sweet! You would never be able to tell that they have been open for 14 years, The place is very clean and looks well kept.
    Sara Washington
    happy client
  • "CashMax Title Pawn has been a real life saver for us. I have borrowed at other title loan places in the past, but since I've been with you guys, I'll never use anyone else again."

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